Midsummer Night

Midsummer Night was a special moment of spring and summer solstice, a feast of four elements: water, fire, darkness and light, taking place on St. John’s Eve. In order to make this great Slavic tradition closer, about 30 dancers of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble „Częstochowa” perform a show containing customs connected with the magic Midsummer Night.

Jumping over a fire, dancing around the fireplace with a torch, letting go of wreaths on the water are just few of the attractions you will be able to admire during the show. A unique atmosphere of mysteriousness during an evening concert, accompanied by selected music pieces, has a form of a Slavic love feast and may be a great alternative for American Valentine’s Day.

Midsummer Night is a full-length ceremonial performance, prepared by Jarosław Świątek, who is the ballet manager of the Polish National Song and Dance Ensemble “Sląsk” and Michał Knaś – the artistic manager and choreographer of Ensemble “Częstochowa”.

Duration: about 40 minutes

The necessary technical requirements:

  • river (between the audience and the stage)
  • a boat with a rower
  • two fire pyres
  • stage sound and lighting systems
  • technical staff

For more information contact the manager of the Ensemble
Mob. +48 786 855 334, e-mail: folkczestochowa@interia.pl